Episode 12: Our Take on “Take THAT!”

In this episode, Frances and Anthony talk games they have been playing recently that have not yet made it to film, and discuss what makes a “take THAT” game work for them. They also announce a special project they are helping out with to curb Alaskan winter blues, and answer a bunch of your questions.

Episode 11 – We’re Back (Again!)

In this episode, Anthony and Frances discuss updates, games they are currently playing, talk about suggestions for kid’s and youth games, and answer a bunch of your questions and comments from recent playthrough videos and emails.

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Episode 9: Our take on Inclusion and Choosing the Perfect Gateway Game

In this episode, Anthony and Frances discuss two hot topics in the boardgaming community. First, they discuss methods for choosing the perfect way to introduce your significant other to the hobby (spoiler – its not always light games!). Then, they share their views on inclusion in the gaming community, and the proper way to manage disagreement to keep your table (and the community) a fun place to unwind.

Episode 6: We’re Back!

We’re back at it in this welcome back episode! Join us as we discuss what we have been up to, and various games we have been playing that have not made it to the YouTube channel yet, including 7th Continent, Dice Forge, Fantasy Realms, Code Names Duet, and Century Spice Road.