On Discrimination

What’s going on in the country with regards to racism and discrimination deeply saddens us, and we feel the need to clarify our position on racial discrimination and inclusion. In many ways, we understand that our privilege prevents us from understanding the issues in a broader context, but we are here to listen and learn.

The following has been how we have always approached our gameplay, acquisition, selection, and review:

  • We never choose a game to review, buy, or play based on the designer or publisher’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, disability or anything other than weather it looks like a great game.
  • We do not base our reviews on anything other than whether we enjoyed the game, and often try to find suggestions for who the game might appeal to, because we know everyone is different
  • We are always here to listen to anyone who has a story to share, regardless of what that story is or who it is coming from.
  • Anyone is welcome at our table

I’m sure some will consider this brief statement tone deaf, and in no way is this an attempt to fix the issue. Our purpose is not to appease anyone, or save ourselves from monetary severance (as we do not charge for reviews or relationships). Our intent is to make clear what has always been obvious to us.

It is troubling that, as with many issues in the past, we live in a culture that allows issues to perseverate long after the “trend” to end them has faded into something else. Black Lives Matter, not just this summer, but always. This is why we remain committed to our values above and practice them in our lives at and away from the game table.

Love each other, listen to each other, and have fun.