We love to play, and we strive to share this joy in the content we create. To that end, we have made some very clear decisions about how we do what we do, based on our values.

Fun and games, above all else.

Some see content creators as individuals with a platform to voice concerns over social and political issues. We do not subscribe to this notion. We use our platform for gaming and spreading the joy of the hobby, and anything outside of content creation for this purpose (including action or discussion) must align with this main purpose.

We do not follow a script.

Everything you see from us is real. Short of edits for clarity, AP sessions, battery replacement, and coffee breaks, when you watch a playthrough or listen to our reviews, you are hearing our unfiltered opinions and banter. We love this because we are both terrible actors, and we enjoy forgetting the camera is rolling most of the time!

We do not accept monetary payment for any content we produce.

We pass absolutely no judgement on any content creators who collect fees or payments to produce their content. For us, accepting payment is not something we feel is the right choice for our style of play. We feel we are able to give more honest reviews when we have no incentive for producing the content. In some cases, publishers will provide us games to review (review copies), and we are always explicit that there is no expectation that we will review the game, or give it a favorable opinion if we do produce content.